Corruption Là Gì

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corruption /kə"rʌpʃn/ danh từ sự ân hận lộ, sự tham nhũng sự mục nát, sự thối nát sự sửa thay đổi làm sai lạc (bài văn, ngôn ngữ...)
sự sai hỏngLĩnh vực: toán và tinsự làm sai lạcsự không đúng lạcdata corruptionsai lạc dữ liệusự hư hỏngsự thiu thốitham nhũngtham ô


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Từ điển Collocation

corruption noun

ADJ. gross, massive, serious | petty | endemic, rampant, rife, widespread Corruption was rife before the election. | high-level | alleged | financial, moral, political | official | government, police

QUANT. case

VERB + CORRUPTION attack, combat, curb, eliminate, fight, root out, stem, tackle He strongly attacked corruption và favouritism in the government. This police unit was established lớn fight corruption. | be involved in

CORRUPTION + NOUN scandal She was brought down by a corruption scandal. | allegation The corruption allegations proved false. | investigation

PREP. ~ among corruption among high-ranking government officials

PHRASES accusations/allegations of corruption, bribery & corruption More information about CRIMES
CRIMES: be guilty of, commit ~
Two key witnesses at her trial committed perjury.

accuse sb of, charge sb with ~ He has been accused of her murder.

convict sb of, find sb guilty of ~ She was found guilty of high treason.

acquit sb of ~ The engineer responsible for the collapse of the bridge was acquitted of manslaughter.

admit, confess to, deny ~ All three men have denied assault. She admitted 33 assault charges.

plead guilty/not guilty to ~ He pleaded guilty to a charge of gross indecency.

investigate (sb for) ~ She is being investigated for suspected bribery.

be suspected for/of ~ He was the least likely to lớn be suspected of her murder.

be/come under investigation for ~ She was the second minister to lớn come under investigation for corruption.

be wanted for ~ be wanted on charges of ~ He was wanted on charges of espionage.

solve a case, crime, murder, robbery, theft The police và the public must work together to lớn solve the murder.

arrest sb for ~ Jean was arrested for arson.

be tried for, stand trial for ~ to stand trial for extortion

~ case/trial The nurse"s murder trial continues.

~ charge The police agreed lớn drop the conspiracy charges against him.

a charge/count of ~ The jury convicted her on two counts of theft.

Từ điển WordNet


decay of matter (as by rot or oxidation)inducement (as of a public official) by improper means (as bribery) to violate duty (as by commiting a felony)

he was held on charges of corruption và racketeering

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. A process wherein data in memory or on disk is unintentionally changed, with its meaning thereby altered or obliterated.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

corruptionssyn.: corruptness degeneracy depravation depravity putrefaction putrescence putridness rottenness subversion