Glimpse Là Gì


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I only caught (= had) a fleeting glimpse of the driver of the getaway car, but I know I would recognize her if I saw her again.
He had waited without moving, standing stock-still on the bank, peering into the water, hoping for another glimpse, a ripple in the water"s surface even.
The book provides no glimpse of the presence of any entity other than small farmers in the frontier.
As tantalizing glimpses of the fully formed wonders to come, though, they offer a valuable perspective to lớn anyone interested in this singular composer"s musical evolution.
lớn hazard a statistical glimpse, it was determined that a significantly greater percentage of minor filled thirds per manuscript were descending (p=0.002).
Only glimpses of these complicated political histories at provincial màn chơi can be found in the literature.
There are many other issues which are glimpsed in the data but which are not explored in any systematic way.
It overlooks the harbour & offers glimpses through the slots between galleries towards the mở cửa sea.
Her surviving letters concern business matters, affording few glimpses of her thoughts, aspirations or inner life.
Each section offers a glimpse of the nature and diversity of compositional activities as both formative và re-ective of musical understanding.

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Though this tangled discursive web is too immense lớn fully consider here, we can glimpse in popular texts và debates its distinct effects.
But at the same time, the work allows some aspect of materiality to lớn be glimpsed which is not entirely worldly.
But these glimpses, like a series of still photographs, lacked a sense of human agency và intention.
This glimpse reveals the developmental nature of linguistic constraints during the early stages of change.
Those glimpses of social history are alluring, especially when they go beyond details about housing và other infrastructure.



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