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She met life’s challenges with courage & inner strength (= the strength of her character or spirit).
Now the inner landscape became a crucial site where the battle of the pious for the good took place.
By contrast, this study sees participants" accounts as not necessarily relating lớn fixed inner attitudes or feelings about toàn thân size.
How else could we know that our intended action is going wrong if we didn"t have an inner representation of what it should look like?
The initial doctrine in this domain was the behaviorist claim that inner speech is the material carrier of internal processes.
The probability of beetles being recaptured in the inner circle was higher than in the outer circles because of the higher trap density.
The massive destruction of old sacred monuments can be better conceived as a ritual purification of the inner circle of unchristian, pagan elements.
One proclaims that no progress is possible unless certain changes take place in the inner being of the individual.
Tracing individual immigrants has shown that there was little or no movement of immigrants from the inner city to the new suburbs.
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