Netflix là gì is a subscription-based streaming service that allows our members to lớn watch TV shows & movies without commercials on an internet-connected device.

You can also tải về TV shows and movies to your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device and watch without an mạng internet connection.

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If you're already a member and would like to learn more about using, visit Getting started with

TV Shows & Movies

* nội dung varies by region và may change over time. You can watch from a wide variety of award-winning Originals, TV shows, movies, documentaries, & more. 

The more you watch, the better gets at recommending TV shows & movies we think you’ll enjoy.

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Supported Devices


You can watch through any internet-connected device that offers the app, including smart TVs, game consoles, streaming truyền thông players, set-top boxes, smartphones, và tablets. You can also watch on your computer using an internet browser. You can reviews the system requirements for website browser compatibility, and check our internet speed recommendations lớn achieve the best performance. 

Need getting set up? search our Center for the manufacturer of the device you're using.

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The tiện ích may come pre-loaded on certain devices, or you may need to tải về the tiện ích onto your device. phầm mềm functionality may differ between devices.

Plans and Pricing


Each plan determines the number of devices you can watch on at the same time và if you prefer khổng lồ view in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), or Ultra High Definition (UHD).

Compare our plans và pricing to lớn decide which one is right for you. You can easily change your plan or cancel online at any time.

Get Started!


Follow these easy steps khổng lồ start watching today:

Create an trương mục by entering your thư điện tử address và creating a password.

That's it. Enjoy!

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