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A:He pondered on what to lớn have for dinner. He pondered on who khổng lồ kill và let live. He pondered on the ramifications of his life as a criminal mastermind.He pondered on the ideology that all things exist in his mind và that reality is a figment of his imagination. If imagination is just thinking, then his pondering on the existence of life being only thoughts, then he was pondering on pondering. I pondered on wether anyone would read this, và I decided to lớn send this anyways. Ponder isn’t a part of any common phrases, & isn’t used on a daily basis. But it is a good word and is used enough that most people know it & won’t be confused if you use it, especially in written form.

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A:I was pondering what you would bởi if told you I want to break up with you.I stood looking at the door pondering if I should run and stop him from leabulongvietlong.comng.
A:These words are not used very commonly used in conversational English, especially muse. In most contexts, there is not much of a difference between the two.
A:ponder is often something done for a long period of time. It also means you are thinking very analytically about the situation. Often, you will go into very deep thoughtconsider can mean to think deeply, lượt thích pondering. However, it can also be done in a shorter period of time. So, ponder is most often only used during a long period of time, while consider is done for both a long & short period of timei hope this makes sense and helps!
A:Ponder = nachdenken/überlegen, man denkt tief über etwas nach Deliberate = mehrere Menschen kommen zusammen und diskutieren über etwas

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A:To ponder is lượt thích contemplate, just carefully think or wonder about something? lượt thích "ponder the meaning of the universe" Think is more broad because it can mean that as well as lớn believe in something lượt thích "she thinks that it"s true" (se believes it"s true), and consider is to lớn think about something before making a decision. Lượt thích "she"s considering the job offer" & can also mean the way you regard something lượt thích "that is considered impolite"
A:When you ponder something, you carefully think about something or reflect on it. "For a moment, I pondered the possibility of going back into town, ultimately deciding against it." "He was lost in thought, pondering how he could have missed this all along." "She pondered the meaning behind the statement." lớn pore is lớn gaze intently, to read or study closely. For example : "They pored over the documents for hours." "She pored over the book late into the night." Now, lớn pore CAN also mean khổng lồ ponder or meditate deeply on something. In that case you can use it the same way you would use ponder. The difference, I would say, is that you hear ponder much more often. I have never heard or read phrases such as "he pored on the matter." Until I saw it in the dictionary as an example. Ponder is more commonly used.

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Q:Nói câu này trong giờ Anh (Mỹ) như thế nào? What different between ponder và consider?

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A:They can both mean the same thing (To think about something before making a decision.)For that meaning they are exactly the same. I need to lớn consider my options before making a decision. I need lớn ponder my options before making a decision. Consider can also mean to believe. I consider "Batman The Dark Knight" to be the best mobulongvietlong.come ever. In this case you couldn"t replace consider with ponder.