27 irreplaceable and important qualities of a good friend

One of the characteristics of a good person is friendship. The best way to lớn develop better friendships is to BE a friend, so the 10 qualities of a good friend are important to lớn have (and continue developing).

But making friends is HARD. You might have lingering friendship PTSD from previous relationships. Maybe you have young kids, a stressful job, or family obligations so it’s difficult lớn find the time lớn devote to lớn friendships. Or maybe you just feel like it’s too much effort to be a good friend.

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If you’re struggling with friendship, these are the đứng đầu characteristics of good & bad friends.


You should be able lớn trust a friend. Whether it’s with your deepest secret or just how dependable your friend is, a friend is someone whom you should always be able khổng lồ rely upon.


A good friend cares about your well-being. Even if they don’t always agree with every decision you make, a friend should be empathetic & try to lớn understand your perspective.

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A dependable person follows through on plans. A dependable friend is on time & demonstrates that she cares about the friendship by being reliable.

As Lisa-Jo Baker says in Never Unfriended, one of my favorite “how lớn guides” for creating solid friendships, while friendship will “inconvenience you,” a good friend puts the needs of the friendship first.

Friendship is WORK, but it’s well worth the effort!



Whether your friend is hilarious or you just giới thiệu the same sense of humor, adding humor và laughter into a friendship is a great quality.

Good listener

If you’re always focused on what lớn say next instead of actually listening & paying attention khổng lồ the person in front of you, your friendship can suffer. People won’t want lớn confide in you, or even get close to you.


If you’re struggling with your listening skills, I loved the book, Listen lượt thích You Mean It. It’s beneficial to lớn apply in all areas of your life.


Loyalty is an important trait in a friend. By being loyal và showing that you support your friend, you’ll build a strong relationship.

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Everyone is different, and a good friend cherishes your differences & recognizes that they are what make you unique.

I love how the book Never Unfriended talks about acceptance.

Acceptance that you can’t change someone. Acceptance that you shouldn’t HAVE lớn change someone. Và how lớn accept (and what khổng lồ do) if a friendship is over.

If you’re struggling with making, maintaining, or ending friendships, it’s an awesome book.



Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person? Even if you have your bad days, positivity is a good trait to have in a friendship.


A good friend forgives. She doesn’t hold onto grudges.


If you’re someone who has difficulty letting go of past grievances, the journal Forgiving What You Can’t Forget is awesome khổng lồ help you process your emotions và begin the healing process.


You don’t have khổng lồ be generous with money khổng lồ be considered a generous person. Investing time, talent, & resources into a friendship can pay off in huge dividends.

Be generous with your time and affection in a friendship.

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If you want lớn develop better friendships, these 10 qualities of a good friend are so important.