Spurious là gì

false và not what it appears khổng lồ be, or (of reasons and judgments) based on something that has not been correctly understood và therefore false:

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Some of the arguments in favour of shutting the factory are questionable và others downright spurious.

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But it is of the nature of both art và ghosts, even "spurious" ones, to lớn refuse lớn solve the riddle.
Failure to trương mục for these dependencies in in-sample estimation may result in spurious test statistics.
Each factor could cause an observed relationship between initiative use và efficacy to lớn be spurious.
Under these conditions, there is a greater chance of detecting taxa that are spurious and a lesser chance of detecting taxa that truly exist.
This defense will address three areas of disagreement: the votes for enactment, the possibility of spurious inference, and the source of the inter-party effect.
The use of different subpaths allows us lớn stabilize rarefactions while avoiding spurious entropy dissipation with shocks.
Our results suggest that the use of bootstrap critical values is essential in reducing spurious rejections of the unitroot hypothesis.

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Persistent reference lớn outdated ideals may also be considered as a spurious attempt to lớn acquire legitimacy by speaking the language of revered ancestors.
But it seems spurious khổng lồ consider autobiography as a genre apart from fiction, especially given the current debate on the overlapping between the genres.
In our case, the imposition of curvature globally does not produce spurious violations of monotonicity, thereby assuring true theoretical regularity.
Stressing the unimportant words and fracturing clauses will make the sporting announcement harder lớn understand, & it may acquire a spurious impression of profundity.
This will tend to lớn generate spurious correlations in the estimated fitnesses of the two heterozygous frequencies of the wild-type chromosome with the balancer.




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