English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Currently, it’s spoken by over 1.35 billion people around the world. However, not all 1.35 billion speak English as their native language - (only) 360 million do.

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But this whopping number of English speakers around the world means that English can open many doors for you whether that’s for personal fun và development or as a great language khổng lồ learn for business purposes – or both! This universal language will allow you lớn communicate with an overwhelming amount of people from almost any country.

So, whether you’re planning a trip lớn an English speaking country or you’re just curious khổng lồ know where this beautiful language is spoken, here’s a danh sách of 75+ countries & non-sovereign entities around the world where English is spoken.

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A mammoth list of English speaking countries

English is the official language of 67 different countries & 27 non-sovereign entities around the world. But apart from that, English is also spoken in many countries where it’s not an official language.

In fact, some countries where English is commonly spoken may have more than one official language. Many countries use English as a lingua franca or a de facto working language khổng lồ facilitate communication between citizens who speak different languages or dialects. Our danh sách will include these countries as well, when relevant.

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English speaking countries of Europe

In Europe, there are only a handful of countries where English is recognized as an official language. However, in many countries where it’s not an official language - such as Norway, Denmark, or the Netherlands - it’s still spoken by the majority of the population.

You’d be surprised how well some nations speak English, even though it’s not their native language! Here’s a short danh mục of all the countries in Europe where English is an official language, with their capital & the percentage of the population that speaks English.


CountryFlagCapitalPopulationPercentage of the population that speaks English