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Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về kỳ nghỉ vào ngày cuối tuần – chủng loại 1

I am a student. One week, I will go khổng lồ school from Monday to lớn Friday. Every week I will have two days off which is Saturday & Sunday. I usually spend one day cleaning the house và one day relaxing. Usually I move on Saturday. I wake up at 7 o’clock. After breakfast, I started cleaning. I will clean personal belongings, followed by kitchen utensils, followed by bathrooms and finally mop floors. Usually I will finish it by 10 o’clock. I will listen to music or read a book to relax before lunch. In the afternoon I will practice playing the guitar. Occasionally Saturday night I would go out to lớn eat with a few of my friends. Sunday is always a great day because I have a whole day of free time. I can vì chưng whatever I want. Although I have a break, I rarely wake up late. I want khổng lồ make myself a habit of waking up early to lớn make my body toàn thân feel healthy. Sunday, I sometimes go out to play soccer. If it rains I will stay home and watch one và my favorite movies. Study is very important but I think we need to know the balance of study and rest khổng lồ have the best body.

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Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về kỳ nghỉ vào ngày cuối tuần – mẫu 2

Yesterday was Sunday và the weather was nice. I wake up at 6, brush my teeth & take a shower. After that, I exercise in the morning as usual. Next, I had breakfast & went lớn my friend”s house to lớn pick him up to the pool, we decided to lớn swim from 8 khổng lồ 11 o”clock. After that I came back & had a good time for lunch and a good rest. In the afternoon, my family và I went to the park. We went for a run và it was fun khổng lồ have fun with the family. So in the evening we went home to chat, nội dung the past week & enjoy the best weekend. This is how we usually relax after a week of exhaustion & stress.

Viết đoạn văn bởi Tiếng Anh về kỳ nghỉ vào ngày cuối tuần – mẫu mã 3

Most of us get a weekend off. I will be không lấy phí on Sundays every week, I usually wake up early và do some simple exercises. After breakfast, I’ll take my dog ​​for a walk. On the way I met a lot of people. We laugh and talk happily together. Weekends my friends often come khổng lồ my house and we will cook together. I will prepare the ingredients. Each time I cook, I will learn a new dish. & my friends are always happy to lớn try my new food. Ho complimented me that my cooking was delicious & I am very happy for that. Since the mornings have moved quite a lot, in the afternoon I want to lớn rest at home. I will pick myself a movie & lie on the soft bed to lớn watch it. Feeling comfortable lying down & watching your favorite movie comfortably. Maybe I’ll sleep a little và then wake up khổng lồ get ready for a night out. I lượt thích jogging. I will go khổng lồ the park & go for a walk. When I go for a walk I feel like I am living slowly, at ease. As I walk, I will reflect on what I have done, what I am doing & what I will do. Finally, go home and take a break to lớn prepare for a new energetic week.

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Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về kỳ nghỉ vào buổi tối cuối tuần – mẫu mã 4

Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về kỳ nghỉ cuối tuần – mẫu mã 5

Are you eager lớn look forward lớn the weekend lượt thích me? After a stressful studying week, I am eagerly looking forward khổng lồ the weekend lớn be able to lớn have fun, or even to lớn sleep so I don’t have khổng lồ worry about tomorrow. The feeling of being able to lớn have fun without having to lớn worry about going lớn school tomorrow or doing homework is great for us. And so my two weekends were really meaningful with many entertainment schedules. Saturday will be the day I get off in the afternoon because I still have lớn go lớn school lớn study and class in the morning.

After class is usually the afternoon I will go lớn the supermarket & buy the necessary items or sometimes just to go eat roast chicken or really tasty snacks & watch movies. The movies that were shown in the theaters were so cool, so we asked our classmates khổng lồ hug a girl with a coke và bring them into the movie, there are days when we watch action movies with beautiful plays, or sometimes funny & amusing comedies. We especially avoid watching emotional dramas for fear of being in the same mood and making our weekends more sad.

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So Saturday went by and I slept again on Sunday & that’s what I wanted for the whole week, the days I had khổng lồ wake up very early lớn get ready for school. On Sundays, I would hang out with my parents & children or go out with friends in some nearby parks.

My weekend will be like that, & after two weekends khổng lồ relax, I will be shocked khổng lồ start the next week. It is my weekend, how about you, wish you a happy và meaningful weekend to lớn start a new week full of energy!