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1.What do you want to be in the future? (teacher) (trả lời dẫn dắt đến hay nhaa) 2.Why vì chưng you want to be a teacher? Ai trả lời hay, nhiều và dài hơn

1.What vì chưng you want khổng lồ be in the future? (teacher) (trả lời dẫn dắt mang đến hay nhaa)2.Why vày you want to be a teacher?Ai trả lời hay, những and dài hơn nữa thì tất cả ctlhn nhaa:>

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Câu 1:

-I want to lớn be a teacher

Câu 2:

Because the teacher can impart knowledge & good things khổng lồ students and be respected by students, making them understand the lesson và make use of it is my happiness. Already

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Everyone has a beautiful dream for themselves và everyone wants lớn put in a lot of effort to fulfill that wish. Lượt thích everyone else, I also have a dream. I also have a dream, my dream is lớn become a very good teacher to lớn teach students for future generations.

I’ve been in love with this profession since I was in 5th grade. You know? The days when I was sitting in class listening to lớn the teacher lectures, I found the image of the teacher so cute. Her reading softly draws me into the world of interesting knowledge & stories. From that day on, I usually gather the children of the neighborhood around and teach them first lessons. I also imitate the chalk to write on the blackboard & then gọi each of them khổng lồ read. Innocent children with innocent expressions, standing solemnly và lisping, could not speak out loud. At that time, my mother also encouraged me that. “Please try lớn study well before you realize that dream. It is also very good that it is very good for children to have a passion for the job they like. Please try your best “. Hearing the encouragement of her mother was very touched and felt more excited. Even though I haven’t become a teacher yet, I still feel lượt thích a teacher! At night, when I finished studying, I took out my notebook khổng lồ prepare lessons, carefully prepared each question one by one, but I thought I was preparing lesson plans like a teacher. Every day, seeing many children have to lớn work hard khổng lồ help their parents make a living without going khổng lồ school, I feel anxious and want to bởi something to nói qua with them.

Now I have to do my best to lớn study. In class, I not only focus on listening lớn the teachers’ lectures, but I also pay attention khổng lồ how they teach lớn help students understand the most. That is also what I think and nurture for my dream.I will try harder lớn become a teacher for poor children in the future to lớn alleviate the child’s illiteracy. I believe I will achieve that dream. I will strive khổng lồ become a teacher in the future.