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Dalat or da Lat is the capital thành phố of Lam Dong province in Vietnam. It is also known as the đô thị of Flowers and honeymooners with lovely French villas, the fresh air, the beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous lakes.

Da Lat sits approx. 1500 m above sea cấp độ on the Lang Biang Plateau và is surrounded by lovely mountains. This thành phố was discovered by a Swiss man with French nationality, Alexandre Yersin in 1983. Today, coming khổng lồ Dalat, visitors will feel a very poetic, magnificent French architecture.

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Due khổng lồ the year-round cool weather, visitors to Dalat can vị both visiting và enjoying specialties including a variety of fruits. The beauty of Dalat is also praised and attractes visitors by hundreds, thousands of quality flowers, orchids. Every 2 years, The National Flower Festival is held in this city with many participants from all over the world. Besides, there are other tourist attractions in Dalat such as: Love Valley, Pongour waterfall,… 

Let’s discover the beautiful Dalat thành phố on your holiday!

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Last year, my family spent a week of the summer in Dalat, và it was the best summer week I have ever had. 

The hill town of domain authority Lat has long been the most popular location in the region for getaway holidays since French colonial times. Nowadays, Dalat has developed và changed a lot. However, I could still feel the fresh air & the peaceful ambiance in Dalat. 

We arrived at Dalat in the late afternoon. I was totally impressed by the sunset of Dalat. Watching the sun gradually going down from one side of the Ho Xuan Huong lake was breathtaking. At night, we ate beef hotpot which was a specialty here. It was so tasty và the price was also much cheaper than where I live. After that, my family visited the Night Market to lớn eat various foods and fruits. I had a chance to lớn taste “Banh trang nuong” & it was awesome, a perfect food for a cool night. On the next few days, we visited different tourist attractions such as the Love Valley, the Pongour waterfall,… There were many tourists also coming there. 

In Dalat, we can enjoy the 4 seasons in just one day, that is amazing. Perhaps, I will visit Dalat again this summer! 

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Dalat is a perfect destination if you want khổng lồ have a peaceful vacation. 

The hill town of da Lat has long been the most popular location in the region for getaway holidays. Many people call it ‘Le Petit Paris’ và the town even features a mini-replica Eiffel Tower in its centre!

This retreat town offers a good change of atmosphere with a refreshingly cool climate. There are many beautiful homestays & hotels there with the French architecture. I used khổng lồ book one & I was totally satisfied with my time in Dalat. 

During my vacation, I often wandered around & contemplated this lovely city. Da Lat is famous for its wide variety of flowers, vegetables & fruits as well as its beautiful landscape, evergreen forests and minority villages. I also visited the Puppy Farm, where many cute dogs live happily together. 

If one day you come to Vietnam, don’t forget to lớn visit this beautiful và romantic city – Dalat. 

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Dalat is called "a flower city". There are many flowers here and the weather is cool. Dalat is famous for many beauty sport and fog. When you come to lớn visit Dalat you will feel comfortable. You should get up early at 5.00am lớn go for a walk along Xuan Huong lake and enjoy the fresh air. You can go lớn the market buy some special-food such as strawberry, tea, coffee, souvenir or go shopping. If you are interested in sightseeing you can visit to lớn valley of love, mong Mo hill, Tuyen Lam lake, Than Tho lake, Datala waterfall etc. At night, you can go khổng lồ drink coffee in the city center. At Saturday & Sunday night, you can come to lớn Hoa Binh street where you can enjoy the foods at night market lượt thích bean milk, egg, và baked snail or buy some other things. I love domain authority Lat because it"s so romantic.

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I was born & raised in domain authority Lat city. I have been witnessing the change of the place. Currently, da Lat is one of the most attractive cities for tourists. There are many beautiful places to lớn take pictures here. In addition to lớn tourists, many couples also choose a place full of beautiful wedding photos as a souvenir. Domain authority Lat is also famous for cafes with super beautiful views. I spent all my youth coming here to lớn take pictures. The atmosphere in da Lat is very pleasant. The sky of da Lat is clear and blue, the sunshine is warm but not hot. Thanks khổng lồ the cool climate, domain authority Lat is suitable for the growth of many flowers. The flowers take turns to lớn decorate this city. My favorite flower is the hydrangea. When I go khổng lồ University I will go to Ho bỏ ra Minh City. I think I miss this place very much.

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Da Lat, the đô thị of dreamers. When the heat of summer reaches 40 degrees Celsius, the place I want to lớn go lớn most is domain authority Lat. As though separating itself from the bustling world out there, it is hidden in the cover of mountains, cool all year round. The climate in domain authority Lat is really mild. The air here is fresh & cool. Those who have come here once will be attached but vày not want to lớn leave. Thanks lớn its favorable nature, da Lat is also known as the place with the most beautiful flowers. The fields are vast with flowers, making people seem lượt thích they are in paradise. This is the place where many couples choose lớn be the ideal tourist destination lớn mark a sweet love. Why is it called this đô thị born for dreamers? Because, the scene of domain authority Lat was filled with poetic moments: early morning mist, pink rays of sunlight on the young woman’s cheeks, and some fleeting rains. All create a Dalat, unlike anywhere else.